Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Today is Election Day in Texas, as well as Texas Independence Day, and it is time to get out to vote. The polls are open today, Tuesday, March 2, from 7:00am - 7:00pm. All you need to take with you to cast your vote is your voter registration card or your drivers license and of course your Houston GLBT Caucus list of endorsed candidates. We suggest that you print out the list of GLBT endorsed candidates to prepare you for the LONG Harris County ballot.

Do not worry about those down ballot races. Our members did all the work in deciding who will be best for the GLBT community. In an intensive screening process, some called it the GLBT Bar Exam, each candidate in contested races was asked to screen with a committee of well qualified panelists. None of the candidates from the Republican Party responded to our requests to screen with our group. Each responding candidate was asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire and sit through a question and answer session with members of the screening committee. Each candidate was scored and a recommendation was made by the screening committee. The recommendation was then taken to the membership for a vote of the full body at a special membership meeting attended by 80+ members. A vote was held for each race and a candidate selected for our endorsement. The down ballot races are extremely important to our community when it comes to issues that effect our daily lives. Follow our lead in voting for our endorsed candidates all the way down the ballot.

Do not forget that voting locations for the Democratic and Republican primaries may be in different locations in the same precinct.

Below is all you will need to cast your vote today.

Click here to find your voting location.

Click here for a list of our endorsed candidates or text "2010" to 24587 for a mobile version.