Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Economic benefits from Same-Sex Weddings in New Jersey

I just came across this extremely interesting study by the Williams Institute. Operating out of the UCLA law school, this research group focuses on issues related to sexual orientation law and public policy. I find the conclusions from this study really amazing:

The direct {economic} effects alone of weddings by same-sex couples are substantial, with added spending of approximately $102.5 million for at least the first three years. That spending would likely create new jobs, higher wages, and higher business profits, as well as $7.2 million per year in additional tax revenue for the state. Opening up marriage to same-sex couples would mean opening up new growth opportunities for the state’s economy that no other state has yet claimed.
Inspired by the article, I did a little googling, and I found some pretty interesting articles that reinforce the institute's claims. Even Forbes Magazine knows gay marriage can help the economy.

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