Thursday, April 05, 2007

GLBTube #2

This week I tried to find recently posted videos that are excellent examples of grassroots marketing and outreach for the GLBT community. Tracy Gary’s presentation at last night’s general meeting emphasized the need for our community to be upfront and honest about our issues. I think that all of these examples illustrate how effective personal appeals can be.

1.) The Victory fund is getting into youtube. I really, really liked this video. It’s a very intimate look at an openly gay politician, Iowa State Senator Matt McCoy. The interviews with his parents are so poignant. I think this clip is an excellent example of what effective outreach can look like.

2.) New Jersey holds first lesbian and gay wedding expo! This is very cool, as it demonstrates exactly what some researchers have been talking about. Marriage equality is very good for the economy. Even the car salesman is excited about marrying gay and lesbian folks.

3.) This is another good example of an activist group using youtube. The Community Clinic is working hard to get good healthcare for transgender people in Los Angles.

If you want to get involved in progressing equality right here in Houston. Join the Caucus. It takes a lot of money to win elections, but the cost of defeat is much, much higher. Help us raise money!

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