Monday, June 04, 2007

GLBTube #5


This clip, from last night’s debate (6/3/07), features Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Beyond their discussion, by show-of-hands, every Democratic presidential candidate indicated their desire to get rid of “don’t ask don’t tell.” Good for them! Later in the debate, John Edwards and Bill Richardson both spoke eloquently in support of same sex civil unions and the repeal of DOMA. Of the all candidates running for president, only Dennis Kucinich supports gay “marriage.” Every other democrat supports civil unions.

In this clip, members of the Minnesota House of Representatives Finance Committee debate the inclusion of domestic partnership benefits is the omnibus budget bill. Karen Clark has proudly served as an open lesbian in Minnesota’s State House since 1980.

Angie Paccione is a candidate for Colorado’s 4th Congressional district. She currently serves in the Colorado House of Representatives. This is clip is from a 2006 debate between Paccione and Congresswomen Marilyn Musgrave. Paccione ended up losing the election in 2006, but she’s running again. She obviously supports us; maybe we should send her some support.

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