Monday, August 06, 2007

New Study: Gay Support = Election Victory

Equality Forum has just released a study that affirms the Caucus mission: educate our community so that we may play a key role in electing pro-equality candidates.

Here's what happened in Philadelphia when the GLBT community got behind their long shot candidate:

The May 15, 2007 Democratic primary, which is tantamount to election in heavily-
Democratic Philadelphia, featured five well-known politicians: two longtime Members of Congress, a former City Councilman, a State Representative who chairs the Appropriations Committee in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and a wealthy former Deputy Mayor. The former City Councilman, Michael Nutter, spent most of the race lagging in fourth place before he surged to victory, garnering 36.6% of the citywide vote.

The Equality Forum study reviewed the votes cast in seven distinct Philadelphia gay
neighborhoods and found that Nutter garnered 74% of the vote in these neighborhoods. A review of the top 12 Philadelphia tracts identified in the U.S. Census as having the most same-sex couples residing in the same household found that Nuttter received 69% of the vote in these census tracts. The study compared the percentage of votes from the gay neighborhoods and census tracts to the percentage of votes each candidate received in the respective wards. The gay
voting divisions averaged a 17% higher percentage vote for Nutter than the respective overall ward percentage.

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