Friday, September 21, 2007

Ray Hill Hits the Big Screen

Don't miss it!

Film Showing:

Ray Hill's Prison Show

Angelika Cinema, Saturday, Sept. 22, 3 PM

Even if you don't know it, everybody in Houston owes Ray Hill a lot. He has been one our community's most devoted and important activists. He is currently making waves all over America, as the host of our country's only radio show devoted to prisoners and their families.

"Ray Hill's Prison Show" is being shown as part of this year's Q-fest, Houston's annual GLBT film festival.

Read more about Q-fest here.

Read more about Ray Hill here.


Anonymous said...

Ray Hill was and is very brave. His activism is legendary and deserves honor. However, it must also be pointed out that he made sure that no one else would have this role. As far as he was concerned, one did not know anything,IF that person challenged him at Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus. Case in point: one night an individual voiced some concerns about the caucus refusing to listen to different viewpoints. Ray's immediate response was,"If you don't like it, get out!" He seemed to declare constantly, "You will never know as much as I do, because I say so."

Ray Hill said...

Somehow I don't remember that night but I will admit to being protective of the history and tradition of the Caucus. I retired from LGBT politics in 2005, so whatever space I occupied near the top of that movement is now occupied by others making their mark on our future. Love,

Anonymous said...

Of course, no one will ever be able to hike his leg as high as you did, right? If anyone crossed you, Big Dog, that person got bit. Bow-wow, watchdog!

Anonymous said...

Ray Hill and Sue Lovell indulge in the political gossip of the gay rights movement,"where insects as in Egypt are worhsipped and valued in proportion to the venom of their sting." Well, it seems that old Seiu has made another half- million dollar investment in land where the transit is to be built. Just what has she done for gay people, I would ask? Nothing. Tell me, Ray, you supported her. How principled a character are you, hypocrite? You knew what that vile self-aggradizing woman was, and you still supported her. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

I believe that is "where insects as in Egypt are WORSHIPPED and valued in proportion to the venom of their stings." Well said about the two people you had in mind, Mr. Blankenship, when you quoted those lines.

Anonymous said...

Just because Ray Hill, Sue Lovell, and Anise Parker used Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus to launch their political careers should not make one too angry. However, what would make one quite upset is the question: what has Sue and Anise done for gay people? Seriously! They just got on city council and introduced a motion or two to protect gay people--which then a Christian fundamentalist on council would object to and it would die. Then, with their butts covered, they would say, "See, we tried!" and continue drawing their salaries and pensions and pursuing their ego trip--their political careers. I hear ol' Sue has gotten a half a million dollars invested in property next to a transit system to be built there in Houston. Boy, she has really helped gay people, now hasn't she?

Also, one other thing, Hill is always extolling this Jon Buice and advocating he be released from prison, even though he brutally murdered a gay man, Paul Broussard. Why, according to Ray, ol' Jon done been reformed! Tell me, Ray, have you been calling Paul's mother up to offer her any sympathy or support? Do you get her on repeatedly at your radio show? Of course not. Why? Because that won't get you press copy. Taking an outrageous stance of letting a cold-blooded criminal go free will!

Anonymous said...

Ol' Ray still wants attention. I wonder, would Ray try again for the limelight by advocating that, instead of Buice, Dan White was rehabilitated and should gain early release from prison? I mean, Dan White was released early for good behavior, wasn't he? Would Ray want Dan to take over the radio show?