Thursday, November 08, 2007


The Houston GLBT Political Caucus PAC is proud to announce its exceptional successes in this November’s election. This is an extraordinary successful endorsement roster:

State Prop 15 Cancer Research For: Passed

County Prop 6 Port Bond For: Passed

HISD Bond For: Passed

Mayor Bill White: Re-elected

Controller Annise Parker: Re-elected

At-Large Position 1 Peter Brown: Re-elected

At-Large Position 2 Sue Lovell: Re-elected

At-Large Position 3 Melissa Noriega: Re-elected

At-Large Position 4 Ron Green: Re-elected

At-Large Position 5 Jolanda Jones: The highest percentage and in the Run-off

District B Jarvis Johnson: Re-elected

District C Anne Clutterbuck: Re-elected

District D Wanda Adams: The highest percentage and in the Run-off

District H Adrian Garcia: Re-elected

District I James Rodriguez: Elected with a substantial percentage difference

HISD, District 4 Paula Harris: Elected with a substantial percentage difference

HCCS Trustee, District 1 Kevin J. Hoffman: Lost by 250 votes

“We had an outstanding day on Tuesday, November 6,” said Jenifer Pool, president of the Caucus. “This is a very rare moment. The Caucus almost had 100%. Everyone who volunteered worked exceptionally hard and made all the difference. We are now immediately turning our attention to the run-offs. We have two extraordinary people we have to get elected, Jolanda Jones and Wanda Adams.”

“This is truly amazing. The Caucus almost called every race,” said Maria C. Gonzalez, vice president of the Caucus. “Now, however, we have to get-out-the-vote for Jolanda and Wanda.”

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree on Wanda. I think Lawrence Allen is way better. When I spoke to him, I felt a strong welcoming personality and wisdom. But I don't see it in Wanda. She seems like she is using us. Sorry to say this but I think he'll be much better for us.