Saturday, February 10, 2007

Garnet Coleman and Jessica Farrar Stand Up for the GLBT Community

By introducing an important bill amending the James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Act to include transgender Texans, yesterday, State Representative Garnet Coleman lived up to his reputation as a bold leader. Garnet Coleman is certainly one our best allies in the state legislature. Achieving GLBT equality is obviously one of his top priorities. He’s even designated one of his four email alerts exclusively to GLBT issues. Sign up here to stay connected.

Coleman is not alone though. Houston is lucky to have several great state representatives advocated for us on the floor of the Texas house. Jessica Farrar has already filed three bills aiming to end discrimination of GLBT.

Farrar’s House Bill 305 will protect GLBT students from discrimination at school:
A public educational institution or employee of a public educational institution may not discriminate against a student enrolled in the institution on account of the ethnicity, color, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, disability, religion, or national origin of the student or the student's parent.
Jessica Farrar has also filed a bill to secure employment non-discrimination for GLBT.

Of course, the GLBT Political Caucus is extremely grateful for excellent leaders like Garnet Coleman and Jessica Farrar, but, as political activists, we should also proudly claim credit for these audacious steps forward. It is not likely that any of these bills will pass, but when we work to elect progressive candidates we accelerate the pace of justice for our community. On the May 12 special election, we have an opportunity to claim another friendly seat on the Houston City Council. Please participate in our endorsement meeting on March 7th, 7:00 PM at the community center.

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