Monday, February 19, 2007

New Jersey Sends Belated Valentines in the Form of Civil Unions

As is being reported by the New Jersey Star Ledger, couples across New Jersey have been enthusiastically racing to court houses to gain legal recognition of their loving partnerships, but even while joyfully pledging their lifelong commitments to each other, most of these couples still aren't satisfied, as the New Jersey law still doesn't recognize them as married. One couple, waiting in line for their ceremony, articulated the bitter sweet quality of this historic moment:

“We just want to show our support to anyone else (registering),” said Lee Rosenfield, who plans to file an application with his partner, Jack Fastag, in neighboring West Amwell tomorrow and have a ceremony at home on Sunday. Smaller than the couple’s traditional Jewish wedding in 2004, the gathering will mark an important legal step but not full equality, the two men said.

“In my opinion, it’s still an expression of homophobia to call it anything but marriage,” said Rosenfield, who is chairing Garden State Equality’s “Crossing the Delaware to Progress” walk across the bridge from New Hope, Pa., to Lambertville tomorrow. “We’re hoping for about 100 people to walk with us to say, ‘This is a good first step, but we’re not there yet.’’
I think the clip above really emphasizes this point. Just listen to the awkward language used during the civil ceremony. Even on this happy day in New Jersey, we're not there yet. In the eyes of the government, our love isn't equal to heterosexual love.

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