Wednesday, May 30, 2007

National Poll Shows Increasing Tolerance

Gallup has just released new polling data that indicates dramatic shifts in the way Americans view homosexuals. A historically strong majority of Americans feel that homosexual relations should be legal and that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. Additionally, support for marriage equality is surging nationally, just as support for gay adoption is surging in Houston. Since 1977, the number of Americans who understand that homosexuality is an inborn trait, not a learned behavior, has also grown dramatically. This is extremely significant, as Gallup has found that people who understand the true roots of sexual orientation are much moire likely to advocate for equality and tolerance.

Gallup has also uncovered interesting correlations between homosexual preference and political affiliation. As would be expected, a majority of Republicans feel that homosexuality is unacceptable. Interestingly, a strong majority - 60% - of independent voters are tolerant of homosexuals. Nearly 3/4 of Democrats are also tolerant of homosexuals.

It seems clear that American voters are no longer so sharply divided in their views on homosexuality. With Republican self-identification declining and self identified Democrats and independents on the rise, politicians need not hedge in their support for GLBT Americans anymore. As GLBT activists, we have the ability to further progress public opinion towards complete tolerance. We need only talk about our lives, our families, and our hardships, and our political power grows. We have the momentum. Lets run with it.

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