Monday, May 07, 2007

Victory Fund Candidates

The Victory Fund trains and endorses GLBT people seeking public office. This spring they’ve endorsed four candidates in Texas. There are so many excellent, out and proud, GLBT candidates these days. It's really amazing how much progress we've made. There's even a possibility that both Dallas and Houston will have openly homosexual mayors in just as few years. amazing!

Here's how the Victory Fund describes their candidates:

Elena Guajardo

Candidate for City Council, San Antonio

Elena Guajardo, the first openly LGBT person to be elected in San Antonio, is seeking reelection for her second and final term. Elena Guajardo made history in 2004 when she won a seat on the San Antonio City Council, becoming the first openly LGBT person to be elected there.

Joseph Hernandez

Candidate for City Council, District 3, Dallas

With a record of extensive community involvement, Joseph Hernandez is running to replace Ed Oakley, now running for mayor, on the Dallas City Council. When elected, Joseph will become the second consecutive LGBT candidate to represent the 3rd District.

Chris Moss

Candidate for City Council, Frisco

Chris Moss is running as a first-time candidate for the Frisco City Council. If elected he will make history by becoming the first openly LGBT elected official in the city. Chris is currently an openly LGBT appointed official serving on the Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission.

Ed Oakley

Candidate for Mayor, Dallas

If elected, Ed Oakley will become the first openly LGBT mayor of one of the ten biggest cities in America. Ed is currently serving in his third term on the Dallas City Council. As one of the few mayoral candidates representing the southern sector of Dallas, Ed has the advantage of a connection to this constituency, which has become extremely important in delivering elections to Democrats over the last few years. He has already been endorsed by several local leaders, including fellow Councilman Bill Blaydes, a Republican. Moreover, the Dallas area has been very good to openly LGBT candidates in recent elections. They now have an openly LGBT County Sheriff, Lupe, an openly LGBT District Clerk, Gary Fitzsimmons, and openly LBGT County Judge, Jim Foster.

Go Vote!

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