Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Young Democrats Elect Gay Leaders

For the first time in its history the Young Democrats of America organization has elected two openly gay men to lead. Garnering an incredable 93% of the delgate votes, Texan David Hardt was elected president. Chris Anderson, another openly gay young democrat from Tennessee, was elected executive vice president.

This is just another example of how quickly things change. When it comes democratic politics, we're out of the closet. Its interesting that the Republicans have allegedly had gay men lead their party, but they kept it secret. Democrats, at least the young ones, are excited to celebrate their talented gay leaders.

The National Stonewall Democrats congratulated Hardt and Anderson:

"Young voters are the new base of the Democratic Party, and we are proud that the Young Democrats of America support equality for LGBT families and have placed their faith in the leadership of two great Democratic leaders who happen to be gay," Jo Wyrick, NSD executive director, said in a release. "The future of our party now has an opportunity to demonstrate to all Democrats how fully engaging our community is politically viable and smart."

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Anonymous said...

Why is there not a push to have gay judges run against the positions in the 313th and 314th Family Courts? Judge Shelton, 313th,is known for not allowing a high percentage of gays, lesbians and single parents to foster or adopt kids. Some slip by him, but it is well know that a number of harris count private adoptions are done in San Antonio. The g\l families that do foster care and adopt through CPS also have problems with this judge as well as other judges.