Thursday, October 11, 2007

Caucus Allies Endorse HISD Bond

Earlier this fall the GLBT Political Caucus took a bold historic step and endorsed the revised HISD bond proposal. We were the first major community advocacy group to do so. Now the bond proposal has received the endorsement of the AFLCIO and the Greater Houston Partnership.

Today, several influential public officials held a press conference to announce their support of HISD's plans. State Representatives Garnet Coleman and Boris Miles, as well as State Senator Rodney Ellis have all come to the same conclusion that the Caucus voiced several weeks ago: Houston children need the money and the projects included in this bond.

These officials are progressive leaders in Texas. They have received the support of Caucus in their elections, and I'm glad to see that they share our goal for Houston's schools. It's validating to share a point of view with these courageous leaders.

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Anonymous said...

As a parent of a Lovett elementary student, slated to get a new school under the "revised bond," I can tell you that your trust is misplaced. HISD has blindsided us weeks before the election with an "idea" according to one Board Member and a "done deal" according to another to demolish our school and create a 1,000 student mega school through a merger with Kolter so that Bellaire HS can get some athletic fields and extra parking at its school. Please, VOTE NO on the HISD bond measure. The Board has no intention of honoring the projects as written in the Revised Bond Proposal.