Saturday, October 06, 2007

GLBTube #11

>>>Double Feature!<<<

Part 1:

First, with ENDA dominating the blog this week, I thought I'd bring you guys some clips of the main actors in the congressional debate.

Representative Tammy Baldwin talks about the ENDA fight and what its like to out in office.

Representative Barney Frank testifies about ENDA before the House Education and labor sub-committee on Health, Employment, labor and Pensions.

The Chair of that same committee, NJ Representaive Rob Andrews, discussed the ENDA fight with Jay Lassiter from Blue Jersey.

Part II

As the presidential primary battles heat up on both sides, I wanted to chronicle an interesting phenomenon that has emerged on the Republican side. Two candidates, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, have strong records supporting GLBT folks, but they have been running hard from their pasts, saying some of the most unfair, unkind statements against our community. Well, the gays are pissed.... especially the Republican ones. So they're going on the air with adds that remind everyone just how phony these guys really are.

First, the following add from the Massachusetts Log Cabin Republicans is actually running on TV air in Iowa and of FOX news!

This clip on Giuliani has been popular on the web for several months.


jay lassiter said...

To clairfly....the NJ congressman is actually Rob Andrews. The blogger doing the interview is Jay Lassiter. (me)

FYI....we did another interview with a member of that same committee which was A LOT more illuminating than the Andrews piece. check for yourself:

The Caucus Blog said...

Thanks for the correction and the link.