Friday, December 07, 2007

A Letter from Wanda Adams

I am writing to humbly ask for your vote in the Runoff Election for Houston City Council District D this Saturday, December 8th. I received the most votes in District D for the General Election, including an overwhelming majority in the Montrose, Midtown, and Museum District areas. My work is not done though. I am asking that you turn out one more time to vote this Saturday, December 8th. With the low turn out expected in this Runoff Election, EVERY VOTE WILL COUNT!

My endorsements include the Houston Chronicle, current District D Council Member Ada Edwards, Council Member Sue Lovell, the Houston Fire Fighters, the Houston Police Officers, and the Houston GLBT Political Caucus.

Helping to create good, healthy, quality lives for Houstonians has always been my passion. Over the years, whether as a student at TSU or as an employee of this great city, I have served the citizens of Houston by working directly with the Super Neighborhoods and the civic clubs of District D to address issues of infrastructure, affordable housing, and to increase constituent services. My commitment to the environment has led me to conduct community education workshops, which educate citizens about recycling and solid waste procedures of the City of Houston. As a result of these efforts, the Mayor asked me to coordinate Houston’s “Go Green Initiative.” I believe “Experience is the Difference” in this race and I hope that you cast your vote for me, Wanda Adams, this Saturday, December 8th.

In District D:

  • I have faith in our ability to create significant economic development opportunities;
  • I have faith in our ability to improve the environmental quality of our neighborhoods;
  • I have faith in our ability to increase public safety for all citizens;
  • I have faith in our ability to provide affordable housing options for those who dream of home ownership;
  • I have faith in our ability to improve the quality of the roads and sidewalks that lead them home.

These issues impact District D every day, and are the issues I will spend my time on council addressing.

For your voting locations please go to or for more information on me please go to


Wanda Adams

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