Friday, December 14, 2007

Chron Credits Caucus

From the Houston Chronicle:

Montrose, on the map an awkward appendage to a district that covers the
south side of the city, provided almost all of the margin of victory for
candidate Wanda Adams in Saturday's runoff election contest against
Lawrence Allen Jr.

Adams, who lives in the Hiram Clarke neighborhood several miles to the
south, had worked in the Montrose area and was backed by the Houston
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Political Caucus.

Allen never sought the endorsement of the caucus, which ran an
aggressive voter turnout program in support of Adams.

The group exploited its database with contact information for more than
30,000 friendly voters throughout Harris County.

In some Montrose precincts, Adams garnered more than 85 percent of the
vote. Allen's showing was not as strong in any single precinct in the

Adams won with 57.2 percent of the 8,183 votes cast.

"I thank the citizens and voters of Montrose," Adams said. "They really
wanted their voice to be heard."

Congratulations to everyone - volunteers, screening committee members, block walkers, phone bankers - that participated in this fall's victory strategy.

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Anonymous said...

L-Intel wanted dead or silenced. Ok, maybe you read somewhere that some homosexuals work in the Intelligence Agencies. Wonder why? Duh...

My point, I turned down a Security Clearance for Naval Intelligence for the Sattelite Systems. I know many retired agents from our great land of plenty. I also know that most of the Candidates know a whole lot less than some of those who's lives are threatened by signing on the dotted line for this country.

I am voting for Hilary Clinton so that all of us who served get the same treatment that other Veterans Serve. March on soldiers of fortune .