Thursday, January 03, 2008


I was just informed that our Caucus army has reached a historic milestone. The Houston GLBT Political Caucus may now proudly claim 300 active, contributing members. This the largest number of members our organization has ever had. Our database of progressive contacts, who share our drive for equality, also continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, as we modernize our cataloging and voter identification methods. Furthermore, during our most recent get-out-the-vote campaign, the Caucus organized a remarkable number of new volunteers. No one could remember a time when we had so many volunteers.

I imagine that most people don't know the rich history of the Caucus. We've been working elections since 1975. Back then, our efforts were covert. Candidates met us secretly, and we promoted our goals in whisper campaigns. Today, we're heralded in the Houston Chronicle and across the progressive blogosphere. We're the oldest GLBT political activist group in the South, and, though we've had a mixed history of success, last night at our January general meeting, Ray Hill, Houston's legendary activists, spoke passionately about the confidence he has in the current leadership and vision of our organization. We're growing and winning, but, as Rick Noriega, last night's guest speaker and Democratic candidate for the U.S. senate, said, "The best is yet to come."

We have great momentum. Equality is in sight, and, with your help, 2008 will be our most successful year yet.

Join the Caucus.

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Anonymous said...

Ol' Ray just can't leave the spotlight, can he? He has such confidence in the current caucus leadership. I wonder if he was just as confident in Sue Lovell, the self-aggrandizing politician who accused Jay Ayers of mismanaging money because he spent so much on his campaign, while she was taking under the table 300,000 dollars from that union, SEIU? Well of course ol' Ray had confidence in SEIU Lovell. After all, they both were a part of that 1980's clique that was running the caucus at that time. So Ray supported a politician who would say anything and do anything to get elected. Who is only in it for the personal glory. Who is really just a hypocrite. I'll bet they're real good buddies. George Epperson