Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Freshman Representative Ellen Cohen has signed on as a joint author, along with Jessica Farrar and Rafael Anchia, to Garnet Coleman's HB 2527, the "Dignity for All Students Act." All of our hard work has certainly paid off, and district 134 can be proud to finally have true representation in the Texas state house.

Also, State Representative Roberto Alonzo's HB 247 will be the first GLBT bill debated in hearing at the 80th Texas legislature. Alonzo's bill would add gender identity and sexual orientation to the list of catagories that are currently protected from discrimination under Texas law.

We should all contact these great leaders and share our deep appreciation for their work.

Roberto Alonzo: 512-463-0408
Rafael Anchia: 512-463-0746
Ellen Cohen: 512-463-0389
Garnet Coleman: 512-463-0524
Jessica Farrar: 512-463-0620

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