Monday, July 09, 2007

GLBTube #7

Sometimes the fight for equality gets a little bit dirty (wink, wink) …

Ex…Ex…Ex… Exposed, ex ex-gay, Michael Busse, comes out about leaving Exodus ministries. Amazingly, Busse and his partner were both founders of the organization. They met and fell in love while trying to convert people away from homosexuality.

Turn the Other Cheek… No! That’s not pillow talk; that’s biblical. This story’s pretty amazing. On Saturday, July 7th, evangelicals from across Tennessee marched through Nashville’s GLBT neighborhood, condemning homosexuality and abortion. GLBT residents did not respond in kind to the hateful intrusion. Instead OutLoud, a local advocacy group, offered the marchers cold water and hugs. There peaceful efforts made national news, drowning out the impact of the prejudiced march. Here’s a great clip recording the events:

Truth or Dare… Bill Graham, a retiring minister of the Canadian Parliament, reflects on his 23 years of service. Graham’s discussion of the gay marriage debate is very illuminating.

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