Monday, July 09, 2007

Mos and Microsoft

Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money

Cascade Investment LLC, the private investment firm of Bill Gates, the worlds richest man, has put 26 million dollars behind PlanetOut!

(I found this photo over at Seattelest, and I thought it was just too good to leave out.)

The Nasdaqu traded stock of PlanetOut, the umbrella company behind The Advocate, Out Magazine, and, has struggled since going public in 2004, but, oh, how quickly things change. It seems that Gates, certainly one of the world's most savy and insightful business leaders, sees great potential in GLBT media. I suspect this is just another indication of growing trend I describe in previous posts: more and more, the growth GLBT tolerance positively correlates with economic growth.

What does this mean for us? Now is the time. We have momentum. We have powerful advocates, like Bill Gates. Let's be bold in our activism.

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