Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Let's Talk About It

This blog often highlights instances when GLBT issues come out of the closet and into the mainstream. Last night’s CNN / YouTube presidential debate was historic for many reasons, but I was most impressed by the unprecedented amount of attention that focused on the GLBT community. Previous debates have touched on these issues, but I can’t recall a more thorough discussion than the one excerpted below. Amazingly, I felt the most substantive, emotional, even contentious moments of the two hour debate were ignited by the GLBT questions.

Of course, I think this development is great and long overdue, but all this attention on gay marriage got me thinking. I was amazed at how brief the discussion on health care was. All and all, they barely mentioned education. Few would deny that the 2008 presidential election will be extremely consequential. Our country is caught up in a thousand trials right now, from the Iraq war to the health care crisis. I’m curious… as a member of the GLBT community, what issue is most important to you in regards to electing the next president? What should we be talking about most, the environment or DADT, health care or marriage equality? Is there one, individual issue that will decide your vote in the primary? Does that issue involve GLBT civil rights?

On anther note, this is the fifty-second post of 2007! This blog was re-inaugurated in January, and since then, we’ve tried to cover a broad array of issues, both local and national. What was your favorite post? How would change the coverage?

After fifty posts, I think we should take a little time to talk about it.


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